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HI EVERYONE HELP ME TO WIN!!! Follow the below instructions on how to collect me …the more collects I receive the better my chances are to win!

The Story Award will be offered to one photographer whose entry ranks amongst the highest collected portfolios. All participants are eligible, so be sure to encourage your friends, family members and colleagues to visit your portfolio and click the ‘Collect Me’ button located near the top right corner of your portfolio. After they signup as a Collector, your work will appear in their collection, making you one step closer to winning!

so click this…..via my name… Mary Beth Kratsas.

Just to clarify…Hi Mary,
When someone clicks the ‘collect me’ button on your portfolio, they will be asked to sign up to the site.
Doing this will create a ‘collectors’ page, where the user can view the artists they’ve collected. Much like an artist, they will be able to login and check their collections page (they should also make a note of their login information).
The sign-up process is necessary because it ensures that all votes are registered and tallied correctly so as to ensure that the system is fair. The process doesn’t take long at all.
If your friends are signing up, they should be able to use their submitted email and password to login in to the site and check their collection page. Should they see a thumbnail image of your work, this confirms that they have successfully collected you.
I hope that clarifies the system for you.

Click “Collect Me” to help me win a New York City photo exhibition and a$25,000 cash grant: One Life Photography Competition

to do so just click on my name below and then click the collect button

so click this…..via my name… Mary Beth Kratsas.