Passion…it is what defines me, it is what drives me, it is what makes me incredibly insane some days as I leave whatever it is I am doing to chase a great photo. My family and friends think I am crazy because all the world to me is a photograph…I want to capture every moment lived and hold onto those memories for a lifetime. I want to one day help change the world and bring countries together through my lens. Yes, I know it’s a great big feat, but maybe just sharing the faces and places I visit will at the very least give all of you a reason to believe in the good of man too and not just the negative. I want to capture the sunny side of the world and give it to you through the eyes of my camera! My works have not only captured the world as I have been to Jordan, Taiwan, Greece, Hawaii etc… but also in my small studio in Monroeville Pennsylvania as I own and operate MBK Photography photographing children, families, pets, models, actors, weddings and events. I have photographed for the board of Tourism of Jordan and Taiwan, on the red carpet in LA California for the Cinema City International Film Festival, for local charities and events. One of my photos was hanging briefly at the museum of contemporary Art in Chicago and now hangs in a gallery in Italy. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America and local photography groups as well. I love people and I love places and can’t seem to separate myself from either one. I love being a photographer. I love to smile and I love that my job can make you smile too! šŸ™‚

Mary Beth Kratsas is an award winning photographer and artist with over 25 years of experience behind the lens. She began her photo education by studying at both The Ivy School of Professional Art and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where she acquired the principals of photography and graduated with an Associates Degree in Commercial Art. She now operates a studio, MBK Photography, in Pittsburgh, PA but recently she has set he sites on world travel.

Mary Beth has photographed for the Board of Tourism in Jordan as well as the Board of Tourism in Taiwan. She has also recently traveled to Greece. Back home, in the United States, her connections to the entertainment industry found her photographing on the red carpet at the Cinema City International Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA. Today, in addition to running her business locally and traveling around the world, Mary Beth also continues to educate herself in the latest skills and photographic trends as a member of PPA, NAPP and the Triangle Photographers Association. Though she loves photographing in her private studio Mary Beth is looking forward to furthering her career abroad and passing on her knowledge to other artist like herself.

Travel Behind the Lens gives those with a passion for photography and world travel a chance to combine the two through a series of exciting on-location workshops.

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